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Teacher Websites

Nicholas A. Addeo
7th Grade Science
Comprehensive Science 2

Site includes brief description of what was done that day in class. Includes vocab power points and notes. Also includes my contact info, important dates for DIA's. ​

Jonathan Brodie
Band and Chorus

NSBMSMusic is the home to all things relating the Stingray Band and Choir programs. This has useful tools and resources for students and parents as well as all documents and materials needed for success. Here you will find links to the activities calendar, charms to pay fees and upcoming event info.​​ 

Ms. Seal, Mrs. Archer, and Mr. Hawkins

The website is a resource for students to catch up if they are absent. All notes, homework, vocabulary, and pertinent class information is posted and easily accessible from any device without a sign-in. 
The 7th grade Language Arts website is https​​:// 


Mrs. Keeran, Ms. Loschiavo, Ms. Florian, Mr. McGrory

This is a link to the civics website. All civics classes are using this site. Anything that is needed to complete a lesson in students' folders that is not already in their folders (like a Power point or Nearpod code, and so on) are posted on this website. There is also a link to the trip website for the Tallahassee and DC trips.