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1 to 1 Device

New Smyrna Beach Middle ​Student Devices

The focus of the one-to-one device program at Volusia County School District is to provide tools and resources to the 21st century student. Technology within education should have one basic goal: to enhance and positively support the learning environment. Increasing access to technology is essential for our student's future. Please visit the district Technical Guide for more information about the program. Parent and Student Technical Guide

​Device Check-Out & Acknowledgement Form

To receive a device, students and parents must complete an acknowledgement form where you sign that you understand that:

  • This device is not your property, but the sole property of the Volusia County School District and that VCS has the right, at its sole discretion, to retrieve this device from you at any time, with or without cause and with or without prior notice to me.
  • The intended sole use of the device is for educational purposes, only. All use of the device must abide by the Volusia County School District Acceptable Use Policy and is subject to Volusia County School Board Policy 518 (I,II).
  • If the technology device is damaged or not working properly:
    • You must report it to your teacher within 24 hours
    • A collaborative investigation of the incident that resulted in the damage will be conducted
    • The repair/replacement of the technology device and/or any accessory may be at your own expense
  • If the device is stolen:
    • You must file a police report within 24 hours
    • Provide a hard copy of the police report to the school within 24 hours of filing the police report.
  • You must return the device to school upon request for check-in or return


Note that the form does request a driver's license number. This can also be a state ID number, passport number, green card number or any form of identification. Just indicate what type of ID it is on the form.  

What is the repair cost for damage?

Tier 1 – Mild ($50) – charger, broken hinges

Tier 2 – Moderate ($125) – broken palm rest, broken keyboard, broken base enclosure

Tier 3 – High ($225) – cracked screen

Tier 4 – Complete Replacement ($500) Lost/Stolen (No Police Report)/Water Damage